All chefs, inspired by the Alentejo cuisine and its products, will create innovative dishes
for kids and adults. Everyday, there will be different proposals prepared by some of the
best cooks at the moment.

chef Alberto Muralhas

chef Alexandre Silva

chef António Galapito

chef António Nobre

chef Leopoldo Garcia Calhau

chef Carlos Fernandes

chef Filipe Ramalho

chef Francesco Brutto

chef Gonçalo Queiroz

chef Hugo Brito

chef José Baldé

chef Luís de Matos

chef Matthias Bernwieser

chef Michele Marques

chef Miguel Laffan

chef Pedro Mendes

chef Pedro Pena Bastos

chef Rui Fialho

chef Semi Hakim

chef Tiago Bonito

chef Alice Pôla

chef Maurício Vale